Open Enrollment for 2014-2015

begins April 1st

2014-2015 Class Schedule and Fees

Toddlers(18months-3yr):  Family day(18mth-3yo) is Wednesday 9:30-11:30am;
Toddler Drop Day(2-3yo) is Friday 9:30-11:30am.

All parents stay every Wednesday. Curriculum is based on developmental benchmarks and includes Parent Education Staffing. If your child turns 2 on or before August 31st, you may enroll for the Toddler Drop Day as well on Fridays from 9:30-11:30am. Parents participate in a classroom work day every other Friday. On the opposing Friday you may drop your child off. A parent buddy system will be used to facilitate drop off days.
Toddler Class Fees: One Day(Wednesday)-$35/month; Two Day(Wednesday/Friday)-$60/month

Preschool(3-4year olds):  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-11:30am (Waitlist)
Parents Participate in a classroom work day once a week. Children will participate in large motor play with Pre-K class.
Preschool Class Fees: $60/month

Pre-K (4-5 year olds): Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 9:30am-12:00pm.
Parents participate in a classroom work day once every other week. Children will participate in large motor play with Preschool Class.
Pre-K Class Fees:  $85/month

In order to best serve our families and facilitate a more specific developmental curriculum we require that your child turns the youngest age of each class by August 31st.

Please contact us with any questions or for more information. Open enrollment begins April 1, 2014 for next year. Families are enrolled in the order they contact us. Thank you for your interest in Mead Co-op!
*All parents are required to sign up with Community Colleges of Spokane during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters.

For program or enrollment questions, please contact our Enrollment Coordinator at or the Parent Education Office at the Community Colleges of Spokane at 509-279-6020

Our Facilities

We are fortunate to rent a wonderful space in a local church building. Our classroom has designated areas for "circle time" and instruction, free play, centers, and art. There is a separate room where our children enjoy their snack time.  We have a fenced outdoor play yard with a variety of play opportunities for children.  Located downstairs from our classroom, we have space for indoor large motor activities to accommodate our classes in any kind of weather.

Our monthly business meetings and Adult Education Seminars as well as whole Co-op activites are typically held onsite.
Thank you for your interest in the Mead Parent-Child Co-op Preschool. We hope that you will find the resources here to answer all of your questions regarding our program. If you enroll, you will find yourself a member of a group of parents, each with different personalities and interests, but all working toward the same goals: providing a satisfying learning experience for your child and more knowledge of children and family life for yourself. Your participation in the group can be a rewarding experience as well as a challenge and an opportunity for your own personal growth. The co-op is a non-profit preschool operated by the parents. Your feelings of ownership will be directly proportional to your level of involvement.

The information in this blog can be read in consecutive order or you can reference specific information by using the categories listed to your right. Please contact us if you have further questions, would like to preview a class, or want to enroll. We believe that the co-op preschool experience is one of a kind and we would love to have you and your child join our co-op community at Mead Parent-Child Cooperative Preschool.

Mead Co-op Parent Executive Board

Our Facility

Our classroom has designated areas for circle time, free-play, and centers. We have two additional rooms that serve as our snack room and an indoor large motor/play area to accommodate our programs in any kind of weather. Our school also has a fenced outdoor play yard with a wooden play structure and a variety of other play opportunities for children.

Parent Workday Jobs

We are able to keep our fees low because we do not hire a staff of administrators, janitors, cooks, etc. We ask everyone to pitch in to cover greater co-op responsibilities and workday jobs in the classroom. These jobs include responsibilities such as Snack Parent, Art Parent, Clean-up, Calendar Coordinator, Class Yearbook, Fieldtrip Coordinator and many more. At Orientation each year you will have the opportunity to sign-up for greater co-op jobs. The Calendar Coordinator for your class will post a rotation of classroom jobs for your assigned workday.

Tuition & Fees

The Mead Co-op operates as an individual, small non-profit business. The parents are responsible for locating and renting classroom space. We also buy our own equipment and supplies for the children. In order to do this, we establish a monthly budget and charge a fee for our classes to cover those costs. We often do fundraising to purchase new equipment, offer bonuses, pay for building projects, etc.

2014-2015 School Year Tuition and Fees

Yearly Enrollment Fee
 This fee is $32.50 and is nonrefundable. ($12.50 covers a yearly, per student contribution to the Jean Payne Scholarship fund which benefits children at all Spokane Co-ops. The remainder helps to buy equipment and supplies for the school year)

Parent Education College Tuition
This fee is paid to the Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS) three times during the academic year at our Orientation, November, and February Business Meetings.

The current CCS fees are: $16 per Credit per Quarter.
Toddler and PreSchool Classes are three credits and Pre-K is four credits.
The total fee for Toddler and Preschool classes is:  $48/Quarter.
The total fee for Pre-K is: $64/Quarter

Enrolled Child Tuition
(Paid monthly before or at the Business Meeting, $5 late fee on overdue tuition):

1 Day Toddler Family Day(18 mths-3yo): $35/month per child (1 class per week/Wednesday)
2 Day Toddler Class(2-3yo): Wednesday/Friday(Family Day & Drop Day) $60/month
Preschool Class(3-4 yo): $60/month per child (2 classes per week)
PreK Class(4-5 yo): $85/month per child (3 classes per week)

Tag-along Sibling Fee
$5/class attended or $15/month once they are walking or 12 months old (whichever comes first)
All tag-along siblings must submit an enrollment form and current immunization forms to the co-op to ensure insurance coverage during onsite class activities. We ask that siblings who are older than the enrolled child do not participate in class to help facilitate the age specific curriculum.

*Please email or call Community Colleges of Spokane Parent Ed office at 509-279-6020 with questions or for information on scholarships and financial aid

Yearly Calendar

The Mead Co-op operates on the Mead School District yearly calendar observing the same holidays, breaks, and snow days. Our school year begins the week following the start of Mead School District schools and ends the week before Memorial Day Weekend in May.

Executive Board Volunteers

An Executive Board, made up of parent members elected as officers and our Facilitator/Teacher (as a non-voting member) oversees all business and operations of the preschool. The Executive Board's responsibilities are defined by our by-laws and the Board ensures that the by-laws are followed. The Executive Board is a parent's board. Our elected officers include: Chairperson, Parent Advisory Council Representative, Parent Enrollment Coordinator, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Parents: Roles, Responsibilities & Requirements

Each parent registers with the co-op and Community Colleges of Spokane, filling out the enrollment forms for himself/herself and any child(ren) enrolled in the co-op.

Participates one day each week in the classroom
One family member agrees to participate one day a week. If you cannot participate on your scheduled day, you are expected to arrange to trade with another parent.

Attends parent seminars/staffings
One family member agrees to attend all parent seminars, as well as, the staffings (discussion groups), that are available on his/her classroom workday.

Attends business meetings
One family member agrees to attend all business meetings.

The family agrees to pay co-op child fees and college tuition promptly according to the rules of the co-op.

Committees/Classroom Jobs
Each parent needs to be willing to serve in some capacity in his/her co-op.

Each parent should give a month's notice if it becomes necessary to withdraw a child.

Each parent assumes responsibility to keep his/her child home if ill and will stay home himself/herself. Parent will arrange for a substitute. If child contracts a communicable disease, parent will notify the co-op.

Education for children
Each parent assumes responsibility to share in the development of an education program based on recognized research in the field of early childhood education.

What Is A Parent Co-op Preschool?

A Parent "Co-op" is a program that has three elements:
1. a developmentally appropriate learning environment for children
2. a non-profit organization governed by the parents
3. a parent education course offered for non-graded credits through a community college

Enrolling your child in the Mead Co-op Preschool means that you are also enrolled in a "Parent Education" Class through the Community Colleges of Spokane at a reduced credit cost (see our rate schedule). This is a non-graded 3 or 4 credit course. The requirements of the class are to attend one Business Meeting/Parent Ed Seminar per month (6:30-8:30 pm on the second Tuesday of the month at the Co-op) and 11 co-op workdays per Quarter (that's why we have to do make-ups if we miss a work day or meeting). This allows the Community Colleges of Spokane, through Washington State higher education vocational funds, to pay a large part of our facilitator/teacher's salary.
As well as helping to pay our facilitator/teacher's monthly salary, the college also sponsors speakers every year and works with the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) to lobby for legislative support for family and children's education. The affiliation also allows us to purchase liability and accident insurance for each child in our classes at a reduced rate. The college has a parent ed office to provide assistance to our program and a lending library of books and videos on parenting.

At Mead Co-op Preschool, parents and children go to school together. Your time and active participation are just as important as the fees you will pay. The only way a co-op can run effectively is if everyone "chips in to help"!